My Favorite part was the vocal delivery which exhibited such great range and tonal quality. The percussion is very strong and the rest of the instrumentation is very tight and well done in a classic country way”

— a super fan

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Robin Harper

Private Event Soldier Hollow, Heber City

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Robin Harper BIO

Robin Harper is a Soulful Country Folk Singer  From the Oceans of Orange County California to the Mountains of Utah. She loves to entertain her fans with stories of your youth and experiences as well as a spunky funny attitude in her "There's Nothin Like a Country Song" music. Robin has had many years of experience and training for her vocal’s. With Voice over training as well. She started songwriting at the end of 2015. Has written for worthy organization’s and is still writing. Currently released her first singer songwriter Album 2017. And Is on her way to releasing another Album soon.



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Press for my Robin Harper Debut EP 2017

Reverbnation Crowd review.

"Good vocals, very appropriate for radio. Reminds me of a good ole country song.The artist reminds me of the female artists from the 1990's.

"I liked the upbeat instrumentals and the "perky" sound of the vocals. This is definitely a toe tapper and worth listening to in the car"

"I love the way the vocalist sings, she does it well and she also does well at getting her point across in a clear but not too girly way. It's a very entertaining song."

 Press for my Simply Christmas  by Nancy Sayles Bostik Communications

"I really enjoyed listening to 'Simply Christmas'. Robin sings beautifully and is not over powered by the piano accompaniment.  They combine for some very relaxing memorable songs.  I think my favorite song is "The Man With The Bag".  I love the jazzy sounds of the song.  I also like the song "Mary, Did You Know" - such a beautiful song. I am going to use this for background music at my Christmas Eve party.  I am sure everyone will enjoy it".

"SIMPLY CHRISTMAS by Robin Harper featuring Marvin Goldstein is a delightful Christmas CD. If you enjoy Christmas music you will enjoy this wonderful CD which has of some of my favorite Christmas songs on it,such as "Mary,Did You Know?","Grown-Up Christmas List", "Silent Night" and "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day". It also has, "White Christmas","Santa Baby","Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem" and a few others. Robin has a beautiful voice and I love just the piano music to accompany her. I enjoy enjoy Christmas music and just was no exception. Simply beautiful for the holidays! Received for an honest review from the author". 


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